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“Where Shift Happens!”

Energy Work, Healing Arts Training & Personal Growth Series
NEW class starts April 6 & 7, 2024

Release * Uplift * Transform

Who Is This Course For?
• Individuals who are developing or wish to enrich a professional healing practice
• Healing/medical professionals
• Those feeling stuck in unhealthy or ineffective life patterns or trapped in indecision
• Anyone seeking to change their life story and wanting to shift into something life giving
• Business professionals
• Those with a passion for life
• YOU!

What to expect?
Classes are held in a friendly environment over weekend sessions. The curriculum encourages students to identify emotional and behavioral patterns that inhibit their growth. The classes focus on developing self-awareness, building a foundation based in mind, body, and spirit wellness, learning to become compassionate with yourself, and recognizing and releasing life patterns that hold you back. Your experience will include learning a variety of healing techniques, the intricacies of bioenergetics and energy holding patterns, and the use of crystals in healing. These classes are personally transforming and the effect is far-reaching through your own healing practice and into your daily life.


Module One Includes:

• Subtle Sense Perception
• Crystal and Stone Healing Techniques
• Hara Line and Hara Line exercises
• Levels of the Field & Energy Work in the Levels of the Field
• Chakras and Essential Oils
• Bioenergetics
• Mind Calming Healing Technique
• Utilizing Stone Layouts for Healing
• Intuitive use of crystals and stones in Healing Work

2024 Class Dates:
April 6 & 7, May 4 & 5, June 1 & 2, September 7 & 8

Module Two Includes:

• Energetic Holding Patterns, Gifts, Patterns, Beliefs, Defenses and Healing:
• Hold Together
• Hold On
• Hold In
• Hold Up
• Hold Back

Prerequisite: Developing Consciousness Module 1, FSS graduate 2020 or later

2024-2025 Class dates:
October 5 & 6, November 2 & 3, December 7 & 8, January 4 & 5 – 2025, February 1 & 2

Module Three Includes:

• The Four Agreements: Application For a Healthier Lifestyle
• The Gifts Of Imperfection a study and reflection for Healthier Life Choices
• Vogel Crystal Healing
• Breaking Fear Patterns
• Pop Out of the Drama
• Heart Healing

Prerequisite: Developing Consciousness Module 1 & 2, FSS graduate 2020 or later

2025 Class Dates:
March 1 & 2, April 5 & 6, May 3 & 4

Classes are on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

For more information be sure to contact us on our contact page or email

Cost per weekend: $250.

Cost for FSS Graduates after January 2019 per weekend: $175

Class fees can be paid in class.

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