The Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing (FSS) offers the combined forces of Diane Bloom and Rose Koremenos who, together, bring over 40 years of expertise in the field of healing practices, personal and spiritual development, and emotional freedom. FSS offers a unique and highly effective approach for both healing practitioners and those seeking personal change. We offer classes based in holistic healing arts and practices, bioenergetics, psychology, and quantum physics. Our classes explore energy patterns that promote health and wellbeing in the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual realms. We provide tools for change and growth that facilitate the creation of a joy-filled and satisfying life. Our students come to FSS for a variety of reasons – from the desire to open a healing practice to feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns or facing their fears- the bottom line is students come seeking change. Most importantly Diane and Rose offer open hearts for those who long to make a difference in their lives and for the world. The best ad for FSS is our graduates who continue to return and refer others to our programs.

"Where Shift Happens!"
Energy Work, Healing Arts Training & Personal Growth Series
NEW class starts February 3 & 4, 2024

Release * Uplift * Transform

What Does Free Spirit School’s Developing Consciousness Program Offer?

Creating Awareness: Personal Development, Taking Responsibility For My Happiness/Joy, Developing Subtle Senses Healing Practices, Skills For Everyday Life, Three I’s – Intuition, Imagination, Intellect

Recognizing My Potential: Breaking Patterns And Unhealthy Habits, Awareness Of Situations Which Create My Pain And Suffering, Recognizing The Fears That Continue To Inhibit My Growth, Understanding That I Have A Voice And A Choice

Who Would I Be If I Embodied This Course? Curious, Courageous, Conscious, Creative, Compassionate, Concise, Content

Who would I become if I had no fear?
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Reiki I & Animal Reiki Training: The Basics
April 28-29th, 2018

Two day clinic at Free Spirit Crystals in Butler and
Creating Pathways Farm in Sussex, WI

With Reiki Master Teacher, Tiffany Kneeland

Class hours: 12 - 5 pm each day Cost: $175 (includes manual)

This special Reiki I class focuses on both humans and animals in order to help both to heal and develop deeper relationships.


This class is geared for those seeking greater balance and holistic practices to expand well-being.


A Japanese tradition of healing based on the flow of “Universal Life Force” energy. This promotes the alpha state and ignites the body’s own natural healing mechanism. Each class includes an attunement for that level.



Developing Consciousness Certificate Program - Module One

Saturday, Free Spirit Crystals

Developing Consciousness Certificate Program - Module One

Sunday, Free Spirit Crystals

Developing Consciousness Certificate Program - Module One

Saturday, Free Spirit Crystals

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