I know that I was clearly led to Free Spirit School. Within 48 hours of having the thought, “I think it’s time for me to back to school – I wonder what I should study”, I found myself at the door of Free Spirit Crystals. I had been meaning to stop in there for about five years.  Inside, I found literature about the school, which was just about to start new sessions. What a trip it’s been! Today I feel more solidly balanced on the earth. I have greater inner balance as well, and I can enjoy my strengths creatively rather than needing all my strength just to get through each day. My sense of joy is growing, and I’m getting glimpses of a kind of “heady magic” that each day offers when I step out with less fear. That’s really exciting…
Thanks Rose & Diane,

Laura – Graduate FSS

"Life is wonderful once you find it!"    Maria – Graduate FSS

The course work at Free Spirit School is very comprehensive and fluid.  We are exposed to many different healing techniques and modalities and are guided on the integration of rocks and crystals into those practices.  We explore the many aspects of the whole human person—mind, body, spirit—through studies in the areas of psychology, physiology, anatomy, energy and personality.

But the critical element of the journey that one is offered at Free Spirit School is the emphasis on the health of the healer. We are encouraged to accept that though we may know many things related to healing work and that we may have a particular talent for it, the real goal is deep personal health.  It is not enough to offer healing to others, we must attend to the exploration and healing of ourselves.

 Kim- Graduate

I thought I knew what this school was going to be about when I enrolled.  From that first weekend all the way to graduation it turned out to be so much more than I had ever expected.  So many things to learn and grow from...peaking my curiosity to want to know even more about particular subjects we were exposed to.  All subjects that have so much meaning and importance in our lives, yet are so often overlooked and not taught about in an organized, informative setting like this.  Looking back on the positive ways I've grown and the tools I was given in this school, I can only hope that many, many others will also be able to experience the same for themselves.  If only college had been this interesting, but since it wasn't, thank goodness for Free Spirit School! 

Theresa - Graduate

Free Spirit School is an amazing course and curriculum and has phenomenal teachers.  I have learned so much form this school that it would have normally taken many years to learn what I did in 1 1/2 yrs time.  FSS has given me many tools to use on a daily basis along with great friends I met along the way as well.  They taught me that it’s OK to be me, but first I had to find out who I really was and that sometimes just holding the space for myself or other while information is being processed is a gift all in itself.  I went in one person and came out a whole other person.

I’m very grateful for all of the teacher’s time, effort, energy and information they both have exuded during this transformation.  They are both a Godsend and anyone thinking of joining this school will undoubtedly be changed forever.  A school I will go back to again and again!!!


Hello Free Spirit Community!

Free Spirit School has helped me see that in order to assist in being a clear and perfect channel for healing, I needed to heal myself in a safe place with other eager to learn individuals first; then I would be able to hold the space for healing those I come into contact with in my life.  Free Spirit School classes continue to give me the tools I need and allows me the time and space in my life to do that.  Pam G – Current Student

Free Spirit School is an awesome learning experience. As a student in the current 2nd module of class, I am learning and growing both as a person and a practitioner of energy work. Rose and Diane facilitate each class with love, focused attention, and a grounded energy that brings it all “home”. My fellow students are as much a part of my learning as the teachers. There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual support that furthers my growth. Letting go to feel and allow healing is safe and natural. I enrolled to learn new skills to bring to my clients through integrated energy work. I’m getting a great foundation to do that, and my clients have benefited. But, I find that I’m the one healing. As a wise teacher once said, “As we heal, it gives others permission to do the same.” Pam M - Current Student

The material and hands on experience I am gaining in this class has been fantastic.  It has pushed my boundaries way out, encouraged me to confront fears and barriers I didn't even know I had, and I have experience the ability to pass energy from other members of the class that is showing me how any of us who want to learn and are willing to open ourselves up to the experience these classes offer will gain more that they could have ever hoped.  PS:  Guys, join the class.  I find it hard to believe that there are so many women seers and warriors who have crossed their threshold to learn this material, and so few males. Jon Christensen

I really enjoyed the class this weekend. What a great thing that you and Rose are doing for us, sharing the ways that we can help ourselves and condensing everything the two of you have learned only giving us the best of the best! I’m so happy that I’m on this path of healing.

Thanks Diane and Rose!

Pam W - Current Student